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Zortrax Z-ESD Filament - 800g Spool

Zortrax Z-ESD Filament - 800g Spool


  • 10900

Industrial Grade Material with Electrostatic Protection

Zortrax recognized its clients' needs for a filament material that meets the unique challenges of industrial production, and delivered this Z-ESD filament.

Z-ESD Features:

  • Electrostatic Protection - Z-ESD offers electrostatic discharge protection (volume resistivity in a wide range from 104 to 109 ohm), making it an ideal material for use in electronics and other electrical applications
  • Low-shrink - with almost no shrinkage, Z-ESD helps maintain the highest level of dimensional accuracy and prints large models without warping
  • Resistance to Chemicals - Z-ESD features superior resistance to chemical substances used in many industries, like acids, salts, and alkalis.

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