Zortrax Z-ABS 3D Printer Filament - 800g Spool - 1.75mm

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A huge key to Zortrax's incredible print quality is its specially engineered line of Z-filament materials, including this Z-ABS filament. Z-ABS is available in a variety of colors and works well for most 3D printing applications, including rapid prototyping and concept models. Z-ABS prints models that have a matte, opaque surface, with uniform texture and consistent color. When used in conjunction with Zortrax's printer and software, Z-ABS raft and support material is easy to remove, and cleanly separates from the printed model.

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Fantastic Service, Good Pricing and Fast Shipping!

The title says it all. Great company to do business with. Thank you!

Profound3D is awesome.

My name is SJ Kim. I bought Zortrax m200 year ago from Profound3D and I always order filaments from them. The products that they sell are very good.

what is the Size .. is it 1.75 MM

what is the Size .. is it 1.75 MM

Yes, the Zortrax filament is 1.75mm.
Purchased the M200 Printer

The printer arrived boxed up well and was easy to assemble. So far, the printer has operated well.
I'm still learning how to use the slicer for an excellent model.
The You Tube videos for using the slicer software doesn't match the new slicer software I have been using with the printer.
I have only one issue that's frustrating.
I'm very disappointed how difficult it's is to gain access to the Zotrax model library.
So far setting up the required name and password continues to give me error messages.
I would think if one purchases a printer, access should be automatic with a password sent by the Zortrax people after a purchase.
This has been very sad to make it so difficult. I was asked for an activation code - where does that come from.
It certainly wasn't in a followup email. Go figure.
Seems stupid to me. I'm glad the printer works.

Hi Michael. We really appreciate the feedback. We've forwarded your software/slicer concerns directly to Zortrax, and our marketing team is working on a current software video to add to our product page and YouTube page. Thanks!
Zortrax Z-ABS Filament Review (Slow delivery time)

Zortrax Z-ABS filament in general provides good parts as long as there are not large flat surfaces or overhangs. The Zortrax M200 printer does a good job when these two situations are not present. Order deliver to AZ is very slow. It's weeks from the date of order. One roll of orange Z-ABS appeared to be improperly wound and many failures resulted. The rest so far have been ok.

Would I recommend this filament for making parts? If cost is not an issue to you, why not, otherwise there are better price points out there for very good quality parts.


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