PrintDry Filament Dryer PRO

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Get the best quality 3D prints by keeping your filament free of moisture with the PrintDry Filament Dryer Pro

Many 3D printing filament materials are hygroscopic, and when they contain too much moisture absorbed from the air, print quality suffers.  Desiccant packs help prevent filament from absorbing more water, but they aren't strong enough to remove moisture that the material has already absorbed.  The PrintDry Filament Dryer Pro heats filament, which, unlike desiccant packs, breaks the bonds between water and polymers. Moisture moves to the filament surface where it can be dried by the surrounding air.  The Filament Dryer Pro also allows you to feed filament directly to your 3D printer, so you can keep your filament dry throughout the 3D printing process.   With dry filament, you'll get the best possible results from your 3D printer.

 PrintDry Filament Dryer Pro Features:

  • Easy to read digital display
  • 5 temperature presets (35ºC, 45ºC, 55ºC, 65ºC, and 75ºC)
  • Built-in shutoff timer (max time = 48 hours)
  • Feeds filament while drying
  • Accommodates up to 2 filament spools (up to 200mm or 8" OD)
  • Double-wall structure
  • Spool adapters included (2 metal shafts, 4 big spool adapters, 4 small spool adapters)
  • ETL certified

Click here for PrintDry Filament Dryer Pro Specifications

PrintDry Recommended Drying Times:

Material Dryer Temperature Drying Time
PLA 50°C (122°F) > 3h
ABS 65°C (149°F) > 3h
PETG/CPE 65°C (149°F) > 3h
Nylon 70°C (158°F) > 12h
Desiccant 65°C (149°F) > 3h
PVA 45°C (113°F) > 10h
TPU/TPE 55°C (131°F) > 4h
ASA 60°C (140°F) > 4h
PP 55°C (131°F) > 6h
HIPS 60°C (140°F) > 4h
PC 70°C (158°F) > 6h
PEEK 70°C (158°F) > 6h


Actual filament drying times will vary.  Additives, initial water content in the material,  ambient temperature, and humidity affect drying times. These recommendations are based on drying 500g of filament with an ambient temperature of 68°F and relative humidity of 50%.

Consult your filament manufacturer for its drying recommendations.

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