ZMorph VX 1.75mm Extruder Nozzle - 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.4mm Diameter

ZMorph VX 1.75mm Extruder Nozzle - 0.2mm, 0.3mm, and 0.4mm Diameter

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Customize your ZMorph VX 3D printing experience or have spare nozzles handy

These ZMorph replacement nozzles are for the VX Multi-tool 3D printer's 1.75mm Plastic Extruder tool head.  The 0.3mm nozzle is the stock nozzle that comes with the 1.75mm single material plastic extruder, so it's a good idea to have spares on hand for when the nozzle eventually wears out or clogs.  The 0.4mm nozzle enables slightly faster 3D printing with thicker layers, while the 0.2mm nozzle will 3D print thinner layers, for ultra fine model quality and detail.

Please note that these nozzles are not compatible with the Dual Pro Plastic Extruder Tool Head.

Tips for 3D printing with the 0.2mm nozzle

The 0.2mm nozzle will achieve very high quality 3D prints, but you will have to make some adjustments to the printer settings:

  • Filament material - the 0.2mm nozzle is best for printing with PLA, but it will work with other 1.75mm filament (ABS, HIPS, etc.)
  • Material quality - the 0.2mm nozzle is more susceptible to clogging, so be sure to use clean, high-quality plastics that come from a reliable manufacturer
  • Lower the "path width" parameter - when printing with 0.2mm nozzle, use values between 0.15 and 0.25 mm
  • Adjust the "layer height" - this parameter shouldn't be higher than 75% of nozzle diameter (that is 0.15 mm for 0.2mm nozzle)
  • Printing speed - this can be left at its default values, but if you encounter any problems with material flow, you may need to lower the speed settings accordingly
  • Filament diameter - if you see problems with overflow or underflow of material, raise or lower the filament diameter accordingly (by 0.01-0.05 mm)
  • Power raft - when printing on Power Raft, lower the "empty space" parameter
  • Print wall - If you want to maintain the same rigidity of 3D printed models' walls, remember to raise outline count



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