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Afinia Premium 1.75mm PLA Filament - 500g Spool

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Afinia manufactures its premium line of PLA filament to the ideal specifications for use with its H-Series 3D printers, ensuring smooth printer performance and the highest quality results. While other PLA filament will work with the Afinia H-Series, Afinia premium filament works best. This 500g spool is designed to fit the Afinia H800's filament compartment.

Afinia developed its line of premium PLA filament to mitigate common issues when printing with other manufacturers' PLA material, such as brittleness, nozzle clogging and bridging or spider webbing. You'll also notice that removing raft and supports is easier, when compared to other PLA filament. Unlike ABS filament, PLA does not require a pre-heated build platform, and PLA filament is less likely than ABS to warp, lift or curl. PLA is a bioplastic, produced from cornstarch, and you will notice less odor when printing with it, when compared to ABS filament.