Zortrax M300 Dual - Professional Large Volume Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

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M300 Dual incorporates Zortrax's dual extrusion LPD Plus 3D printing technology into its large volume 3D printer for industrial-grade results.

The Zortrax M300 Dual is a dual extruder, large volume desktop 3D printer that produces industrial quality models.  Thanks to its LPD Plus dual extrusion system that prints supports using water soluble material, the M300 Dual can handle 3D printing large models with intricate internal geometries. A single-extrusion mode is available for jobs where you decide water soluble supports are not needed, and when enabled, the printer performs just like a standard M300 Plus. The M300 Dual also features a blackout response system that automatically saves the position of the printing head in the event of a power failure, and resumes the print when power is restored.  M300 Dual offers users the option of printing on perforated, glass, or other compatible build-platforms, all of which can be automatically calibrated with its new capacitive displacement sensor. The M300 Dual prints with a range of dedicated Zortrax Z-Filament materials, and also fully supports third-party alternative materials in both dual and single extrusion modes.

Zortrax M300 Dual Features:

  • LPD Plus dual-extrusion technology - allows for 3D printing with water soluble support material
  • Large build volume - M300 Dual has a 265x265x300 mm workspace
  • Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity
    • Create wireless networks of M300 Plus 3D printers
    • Manage multiple M300 Plus printer from one workstation
    • Wireless file transfer
    • Advanced remote monitoring
  • Fail-safe 3D printing
    • Blackout response system prevents failures if power is disrupted
    • Advanced filament control automatically pauses a 3D print if the filament runs out, jams, or if the nozzle gets clogged
  • Compatible with perforated, glass, and other build platforms - M300 Dual's glass build plate allows for 3D printing without a raft, giving models a clean, smooth bottom surface. The perforated plate promotes the adhesion of the model to the build surface
  • Capacitive displacement sensor calibration - automatically ensures proper calibration of the build surface, regardless of which type of build platform is installed.
  • Supports single and dual extrusion modes
  • Built-in Camera - watch the M300 Dual print from your computer
  • Zortrax Z-SUITE 2 Software
    • Connect to multiple M300 Dual printers using Z-SUITE 2's Wi-Fi module to create a 3D printing network capable of tackling the most ambitious manufacturing and prototyping projects
    • Monitor and manage all of your connected Zortrax printers from one screen
    • Tabbed projects allow for working on multiple project simultaneously
    • Zortrax material profiles for the highest quality 3D printing with Z-FILAMENT materials
    • Supports slicing for third-party materials
    • Thin wall detection helps to spot problems before starting the 3D print project
    • Editable supports allow for full control over support structure. Adjust the automatically generated support or manually add support if needed.
  • Cloud-based workflow management with Zortrax inCloud - inCloud is a professional management tool that allows you to access and monitor all of your Zortrax devices wherever you are (paid subscription may be required for some features)
    • Remotely send commands to your printers
    • Get notifications about the printing process
    • Transfer and manage files on the printer's USB drive
    • Access to printing process history
    • Control multiple devices at once to enhance your production workflow
    • Manage users and teams

Zortrax M300 Dual Specifications:

Device features

Build volume 265 x 265 x 300 mm (10.4 x 10.4 x 11.8 in)
Material diameter 1.75 mm (0.069 in)
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm (0.016 in)
Connectivity USB, Ethernet, WiFi
Extruder Dual material extruder with material jam detection
Extruder cooling system Two fans cooling the extruder, radial fan cooling the print
Hotend Dual material hotend
Material runout 2 x Mechanical endstop
Platform Heated
Support Mechanically removed - printed with the same material as the model / Dissolvable - printed with a different material than the model
Materials (single extrusion) Z-ULTRAT, Z-PETG, Z-GLASS, Z-PLA, Z-NYLON
Materials (dual extrusion) Z-PETG, Z-PLA, Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-SUPPORT Premium
External materials Applicable
Platform leveling Automatic measurement of platform points height/Manual measurement of platform points height
Touchscreen 4" IPS 800x480
In the box 3D Printer, Side Covers, Z-SUITE, Starter Kit, 2 spools of material (Z-PETG, Z-SUPPORT Premium), 1xPerforated Plate, 1xGlass Plate, 2 spoolholders, Material Box


Technology LPD Plus (Layer Plastic Deposition Plus) - advanced technology with the system of Dissolvable Support Structures
Layer resolution 100-300 microns (for 0.4 mm/0.016 in nozzle)
Minimal wall thickness 400 microns (for 0.4 mm/0.016 in nozzle)
Maximum printing temperature (extruder) 310° C (590° F)
Build platform Heated
Processor Quad Core
Operation system Android
Maximum platform temperature 105° C (221° F)
Ambient operation temperature 20° - 30° C (68°-86° F)
Storage temperature 0° - 35° C (32°-95° F)
AC input 110 V ~ 5.9 A 50/60 Hz
240 V ~ 2.5 A 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 400 W


Software bundle Z-SUITE 2
Supported file types .stl, .obj, .dxf, .3mf
Supported operating systems Mac OS X / Windows 7 and newer versions

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