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Zortrax M200 Pro + Matter and Form 3D Scanner Bundle Package

Zortrax M200 Pro + Matter and Form 3D Scanner Bundle Package


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Scan, Print, and Save!

Both the Matter and Form 3D Scanner and the Zortrax M200 3D printer are highly accurate, reliable, and easy to use.  Scanning an object and printing a plastic copy can be as simple as a few mouse clicks and button pushes. 

This 3D Scan and Print Bundle from Profound 3D includes:

  • Matter and Form MFS1V1 3D scanner
  • Zortrax M200 Pro 3D printer
    • M200 3D Printer
    • M200 side covers


 Zortrax M200 Pro

Matter and Form MFS1V1 Scanner

  • Includes side cover set
    • Helps to maintain a constant temperature in the build chamber
    • Reduces chances of models warping, splitting or lifting off the build plate
    • Keeps hands away from hot and moving parts
  • Includes Plus Parts kit
    • Moves filament spool from the back to the side of the printer, making it easier to view and change the filament, and reducing the print's depth by four inches
    • Cable clips unify the filament tube and the ribbon cable
  • Produces extremely high quality finished models with intricate detail
  • 90 micron resolution
  • Finished prototypes are smooth to the touch
  • Solid construction
  • Simple setup, assisted leveling and auto calibration
  • User-friendly Z-Suite software works with standard 3D design files (.STL), Mac and PC compatible
  • Easy-to-use on-board display and knob interface
  • Stable SD card connectivity
  • Large build volume - 200 x 200 x 185 mm (7.87 L x 7.87 W x 7.28 H in)
  • Heated, perforated build plate for excellent model adherence
  • Superior Layer Plastic Deposition (LPD) print technology
  • Works with a variety of Z-Filament materials
  • 3D scanning as easy as one click of a button
  • Scans objects in as little as five minutes
  • Large capacity, scans things up to 8" in diameter and 9" in height
  • Moving HD camera head with dual lasers
  • Watertight scans, accurate to within 0.25mm of the size and detail of the original object
  • Matter and Form Scan software included (Windows 7+ 64 bit, Mac OS 10.9+ compatible)
  • Exports to STL, OBJ, PLY, and XYZ files for wide compatibility
  • Lightweight, compact design with integrated case for easy storage and portability
  • Real-time point cloud scanning captures about 2,000 points per second for superior surface detail
  • Use 3D scans to:
    • Print on the Zortrax M200 (or any 3D printer)
    • Preserve and archive objects
    • Craft worlds in video games and animation
    • Digitize and share your creations online


Profound3D supports all the Zortrax 3D printers it sells with a limited 1 year warranty. Click here for details.

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