Zortrax Inventure Z-SUPPORT Premium Filament Cartridge - 350g

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Water-soluble BVOH Support Filament for your Zortrax Inventure - Fast Dissolution Rate

Compatible with Z-PLA, Z-PETG, Z-SEMIFLEX and Z-ULTRAT Plus materials

Z-SUPPORT Premium is a water-soluble support filament for the Zortrax Inventure 3D printer that is made for both low temperature and high temperature 3D printing.  In addition to its wide compatibility with the line of Inventure Z-Filament, Z-SUPPORT Premium dissolves quickly and cleanly when compared to other water-soluble support materials, leaving no remnants on the model. 

Printing with support material that dissolves in water, like Z-SUPPORT Premium, results in nearly hands-free support removal, reducing the time and effort required to complete projects. It also greatly reduces the chance of inadvertently damaging your model while removing support material. Once the support structures dissolve, your finished model is all that’s left. Z-SUPPORT Premium filament dissolves in water with no additional solvents. Z-SUPPORT Premium also allows for 3D printing complex, detailed, hollow shapes, as well as moving mechanisms. Z-SUPPORT Plus filament can be used to stack batches of products on top of each other to speed up short-series production of Z-ULTRAT Plus parts.

The water-soluble support system is a key feature of the LPD Plus technology Zortrax developed for its Inventure 3D printer. Dual material 3D printing with both base and dissolvable support materials allows Inventure to 3D print models that are impossible to print on a single-extrusion device. Designs with complex internal architecture, organic shapes, or moving mechanisms can be 3D printed in one print due to the ability to almost entirely dissolve support structures made of Z-SUPPORT Premium in water. For best results, use the Zortrax DSS Station, a device that circulates water at exactly right temperature to ensure the optimal dissolution rate of Z-SUPPORT Premium filament.

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tips and tricks

Good stuff, but be sure to keep it dry. 24 hours in a food dehydrator and then keep the cartrigde sealed in a rubber maid type container. Add some desiccant pouches to the sealed container. Better yet, get a mini dehumidifier. Search amazon for New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier.

Also, you can print on the Inventure without supports! Just set the Angle to 0 in the Z-Suite settings. Then, the Inventure will just use the support material for the raft of the 3d print. Zortrax has not posted an update to the Inventure firmware for a long time. I hope they will soon!

Z-SUPPORT Premium basically awesome

Its kinda pricey, but this latest support material seems to work with any material Zortrax makes and starts dissolving quickly in water. My only complaint is that prints come of teh build plate a little stringy (support material hairs). This doesn't appear to effect the part in any way but it looks kinda messy right off the machine. Also, hopefully Zortrax will update the Inventure firmware so you can optionally print without using support material for those times when its not required.


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