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R1 +Plus 3D Printer by Robo3D

  • 79900

What's new on the R1 +Plus?

  • New linear motion and lead screws for better quality, performance, and consistency
  • Improved filament feeding system that's easier to use
  • Added components for better leveling, guidance, and performance
  • Robo3D's R1 +Plus 3D printer is a really exciting product, because it includes a good number of nice features at a really low price. Here's some of the reasons why we like the R1 +Plus:

    Large Build Volume
    Let's not bury the lede here - Robo3D designed the R1 +Plus printer with a build capacity of 10" x 9" x 8", which is massive when compared to other desktop 3D printers under $1,000. With the R1 +Plus, you get more build for your buck.

    Easy Setup
    The R1 +Plus is fully assembled, pretty much ready to go right out of the box. Here's Robo3D's explanation of how easy it is to set up:

    1. Open the packaging
    2. Watch the included getting started video
    3. Start using your R1 3D printer immediately
    With the R1 +Plus, there's no complicated assembly or tinkering with the machine. Follow the simple instructions in the video, and you'll be 3D printing in minutes.


    The Robo3D R1 +Plus has as auto-leveling feature, so you won't have to manually adjust platform. It levels automatically before every print, so instead of having to fidget with the platform and hope that the bed level enough for a successful print, you just get a good 3D print.

    With a heated bed and an all-metal hot end that reaches temperatures up to 290°C, the R1 +Plus will work with a wide range of filament, including PLA, ABS, HIPS, nylon, glass, wood and flexible materials.

    100 Micron Resolution
    The Robo3D R1 +Plus has three quality settings, including the 100 micron resolution high quality setting. Models printed at the 100 micro setting will be extremely smooth, and usually won't require sanding or finishing. If you're in a hurry, choose the standard or low quality setting (200 and 300 micron resolution, respectively), which print faster. They won't be 100 micron smooth, but you'll still get great results.

    SD Card for Wireless 3D Printing
    The R1 +Plus has an SD card slot, so you can send a print file to the SD card and disconnect the printer from the USB cable. This is a great feature if you plan to control multiple printers from the same laptop.

    Software and Compatibility
    The R1 +Plus is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, and includes Mac and Windows versions of Robo3D Software. It will also work with most open source 3D printing software.

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