Fusion3 F410 High Performance 3D Printer

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The Fusion3 F410 delivers professional 3D printing for the most demanding applications.

Fusion3 understands the innovating power of 3D printing technology for businesses, as well as schools, universities, libraries, and other educational institutions, and is committed to providing 3D printers with the features and reliability to meet their unique requirements.  Contact Profound3D regarding educational and volume discounts.

Current lead time = 3-5 business days


At Profound3D.com, there is no additional shipping charge for Fusion3 printers. The Fusion3 F410 ships via LTL freight service (curbside delivery). The F410 is a large, heavy-duty machine, so please plan for delivery accordingly.

Here's what we love about the Fusion3 F410 3D Printer:

  • Large build volume - print huge models or many models at once with F410's 14" x 14" x 12.4" (L x W x H) print area.
  • Fully enclosed build chamber with heated bed - F410's multi-zone heated bed ensures optimum performance with high temperature materials, like polycarbonate, ABS, and nylon.  The fully enclosed print chamber helps to ensure stable temperatures needed for the best 3D printing results, and protects users from the 3D printer's high temperatures and moving parts.  For users concerned about odors and emissions, the F410's optional HEPA/carbon air filter help to mitigate these issues.
  • High performance 3D printing - Fusion3 F410 combines precision, speed, and reliability to meet the most demanding 3D printing applications of our education and business clients, with print speeds up to 250mm/second, print tolerances within .003", and layer resolution as fine as 20 microns.
  • 2.0 extruder with filament monitoring - F410's redesigned extruder has a filament detection feature, which pauses a print in the event the printer runs out of filament or clogs, and a filament wipe feature that prevents dust and other contaminants from entering the system.  The new extruder also provides improved grip and better performance with all materials.
  • Interchangeable print heads (optional) - The stock 0.4mm print head offers superior print quality, while the 0.6mm and 0.8mm print heads (both sold separately) can easily be swapped on to the F410 when more speed is required.
  • Wide variety of compatible materials - Fusion3D is not interested in restricting the they types of materials uses with their printers.  They test and certify the widest variety 3D printable plastics for the F410, and provide print profiles for PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG, nylon, flexibles (like TPU and TPE), carbon fiber filled, polycarbonate, fiberglass filled, polyester, and acrylic/pmma filaments, and they are adding more all the time.  Check out the Fusion3 certified materials list (pdf).
  • Solid, industrial-grade construction - Fusion3 printers are all made in the USA, built to last in Greensboro, North Carolina.  F410's aluminum enclosure is rigid and durable, so it provides a stable platform that eliminates vibration for quality 3D prints and can withstand the demands of daily use.
  • Industry-leading 2 year warranty - Fusion3 offers the best warranty in the industry, covering materials and workmanship for two years.  They also offer US-based phone and email technical support for the life of the printer.

While Fusion3 designed the F410 to meet the most advanced users' demands, they also made it simple to setup and easy to use, even for those who are new to 3D printing. 

  • Assisted/automatic bed leveling - F410 features a conductive leveling system that uses the print head to assist with the manual leveling procedure (only required when installing a new print bed).  It also automatically checks and adjusts the bed height before every print, ensuring the best results, without the hassle of manual calibration.
  • REACTOR 3D Printing Software (license for one seat included) - Fusion3D's dedicated 3D printing software fully harnesses the capabilities of the F410, with a streamlined guided interface, enhanced print quality, and other professional model slicing features
  • Network connectivity for remote management - Upload files, monitor print progress, and control the printer remotely using the F410's ethernet connection and a simple Fusion3's simple, broswer-based interface.  Add wifi functionality with Fusion3's optional external wifi adapter kit.
  • Intuitive on-board touchscreen control panel - The F410's 4.7" full-color touchscreen interface makes printing and maintenance easy, with full access to advanced controls when needed.
  • Enhanced Support Plan (optional upgrade) - This is a great option for customers who are new to 3D printing or others that require guidance that is not related to a technical issue.  With the enhanced support plan, Fusion3's expert technicians will offer advice on topics like designing your 3D models for the best output, optimizing throughput for production, and selecting the best 3D printing materials for your applications.
  • Quiet operation - You can use the F410 in a classroom or office and noise won't be an issue for students or coworkers.  We can't promise that working that close to an awesome 3D printer won't be a distraction.
  • Heavy-duty rolling cart (optional upgrade) - This cart makes the F410 mobile, which is great for any large business or school that uses the 3D printer as a shared resource.  The cart features the same rugged construction as the F410, fits the printer perfectly, and includes pass-through ports for power and network cables.  It also saves desk space, and includes storage for filament and other tools needed for 3D printing.

Fusion3 F410 Specifications:

Dimensions (DxWxH): 724 x 775 x 648 mm (28.5 x 30.5 x 25.5 in)
Weight: 38.56 kg (85 lb)
Max Print Size (LxWxH): 355 x 355 x 315 mm (14x14x12.4 in)
Max Build Volume: 1.38 cubic feet
Print Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
Max Print Speed: 250 mm/sec
Max Travel Speed: 500 mm/sec
Extruder / Feeder Type: Bowden drive / Geared feeder
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Types: All major printable plastics (See certified materials list)
Max Spool Size: 3.5 kg / 12” diameter, 6” width
Ambient Operating Temperature: 7℃ - 29℃ . 45℉ to 85℉
Enclosure Temperature: 45℃ max
Print Surface: Heated glass with multi-zone heater
Maximum Bed Temp: 140℃
Bed Leveling: Automatic (via conductive sensors) & manual
Processing Software: Fusion3 REACTOR
Operating Systems: Windows
File Types: .STL, .OBJ
0.4mm Print Head (Included)
Print Head: E3D Volcano
Layer Height (Min - Max): 20 - 300 microns
Min Feature Size: 0.5 mm2
Feature Tolerance: +/- 0.003” per inch
Print Nozzle: 0.4 mm hardened steel
Maximum Melt Temperature: 300℃
0.6mm Print Head (Optional Upgrade)
Print Head: E3D Volcano
Layer Height (Min - Max): 100 - 400 microns
Min Feature Size: 0.75 mm2
Feature Tolerance: +/- 0.0045” per inch
Print Nozzle: 0.6 mm hardened steel
Maximum Melt Temperature: 300℃
0.8mm Print Head (Optional Upgrade)
Print Head: E3D Volcano
Layer Height (Min - Max): 200 - 500 microns
Min Feature Size: 1.0 mm2
Feature Tolerance: +/- 0.006” per inch
Print Nozzle: 0.8 mm hardened steel
Maximum Melt Temperature: 300℃
Onboard Controller: 32-bit, 120mhz ARM-Based controller
Storage: Onboard 4GB flash storage, SD Card Slot
AC Input: 110V / 230V, 350W avg
Peak Power: 6A / 3A, 600W

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tom Muckle
it’s time to move up the ladder to a commercial machine

Like so many of us engineers I got my feet wet on 3D printing with hobby / imported machines. It’s a good way to learn, no doubt about it. Once you have an idea what your doing it’s time to move up the ladder to a commercial machine. My company purchased the F410 and we are more than happy we did. Printing ABS and PC without any problems was amazing. Our print times were reduced significantly. For example a 12 hour print on our Ender 5 Plus, was reduced to 4 hours with much more precision and reliability. We use Simplify 3D for slicing, and taking advantage of their “Multi-Layer” function, it can reduces finishing time. We found using “made in USA” filaments a big help as well, no tangles, no weak spots. At the end of the day, with your F410, you load an STL file and get a quality part. As a small design firm, this is a positive sales point to our customers. We have actually had customers video their parts being made!

Richard Hammons
Great Printer for the Office environment

Good solid printer with large print capacity, Built pretty heavy duty compared to others in the same price range. Can feed it just about everything in terms of material (Note: Fusion provides a comprehensive list of tested materials, and you can request others to be tested, really nice to know before buy crap materials)
Customer service is great get back to you that day with real answers parts are warranted without question when need be (we run a lot of part on ours, things do go wrong) if you need to purchase parts the only part I've run into that's a bit high is the print head but still reasonable. And they have the tech support to get you though repairs the first time.
The glass beds last a good long time if you follow the instructions properly (yes you will break one occasionally glass only holds up so long. But they are cheap to replace so no worries.
Barely ever have to adjust the bed once it's setup nice and secure print after print.
Overall working on getting my 3rd one can't say enough about fusion 410 after dealing with other companies

Great for the Money

Really nice machines for the money, Amazing Customer support when you have problems. Repair parts when needed are free or reasonably priced unlike many other companies I've dealt with. Really good experience all round. Would recommend (working on my 3rd one now. They run almost 24/6 most weeks and rarely give us problems other than normal wear and tear (minus stupid stuff that people do) Good solid design that runs through a myriad of materials. Even providing approved material lists so you know whats been tested prior to buying. Quite low oder with the filter package and easy to run.

Eddie Mac
Expensive Printer with Very Poor Quality

This machine is a horribly overpriced, poor quality POS. The design on this printer may have been done by a 5 year old. Cheap component. Prints just freeze in the middle of the process. Motors break. String breaks. Feeder breaks. Print head nozzle clogs. Customer service is accusative and responses are slow or nonexistent. DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE. YOU WILL REGRET IT!

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Ask a Question
  • If you are printing with a carbon fiber fill material, how do you print support material that will come off? Is that usually a problem?

    The support is made to snap off - it only touches the model enough to prevent sagging and drooping,
    and will snap away just like any other material.
    On a Fusion3 system the key is to use the materials they have tested and approved:

  • can it be programed from standard cad software

    Anything that can export an .STL or .OBJ file can generate models.
    Some programs [TINKERCAD for example] may require a plugin to do this.

  • will it print the new metal filament?

    As of October 2019, Fusion3 has certified 140 different filament materials for use with its 3D printers, including some metal-filled PLA filaments.  Fusion3 regularly updates its list of certified materials, so check it often.  For more information on Fusion3's filament testing and certification process, click here or contact Profound3D.

  • We currently have Fusion3 F400-S. Serial number 1099. Do you know if there is a way to add filament runs out detect on this 3d printer?

    We do not have any experience with the F400-S, but Fusion3 offers and extruder upgrade kit for this model, and it includes the filament detection feature.  You can find it on the Fusion3 website here: https://store.fusion3design.com/collections/f400-s-replacement-parts/products/f400-extruder-upgrade-kit.

  • Can you give me some recomandations about a scanner that works with the F410

    Any scanner that exports the scanned object file as a .STL or .OBJ file will work with the Fusion3 F410.  Selecting a specific scanner will depend upon several factors, especially the size of the objects to be scanned and the required resolution and detail of the scan.  We recommend EinScan and Matter and Form 3D scanners.

  • Does the F410 come with a camera to monitor part creation?

    No, the F410 does not come with a camera.