CUREbox - UV Post-Cure Chamber with Temperature Control

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CUREbox offers serious UV post-curing for those who demand the most from 3D printed parts

CUREbox - Post-Curing, Taken SeriouslyUV post-curing is required (or at least recommended) when 3D printing with photosensitive resins.  Properly cured 3D printed parts have mechanical properties far superior to those that are improperly cured.  CUREbox is a full featured post-curing device, designed specifically for engineers, but its quality construction, consistent performance, and high-end features make it an excellent post-curing solution for the jewelry and dental industries, as well as anyone else who requires peak performance from SLA 3D printed models.

CUREbox Features:

  • Temperature and timer control - Temperature control yields better cures, so you get better parts.  CUREbox automatically waits for its chamber to reach temperature to begin the curing process, and automatically stops when it completes the curing process.
  • Glove-friendly touchscreen interface -  CUREbox features a glove-compatible resistive touchscreen with status indicators for heat, lamps, and the door, as well as one-touch presets that make UV post-curing as simple as putting a model in the chamber and pushing a button.  It also features a custom mode if you prefer to choose your own settings.
  • Large capacity - The CUREbox can handle large parts or multiple parts at once with its 12" x 12" x 6.25" (x, y, z) curing chamber.  The elevated, clear polycarbonate work surface allows UV coverage from all sides (even the bottom)
  • Silver reflective panels - Highly reflective panels line CUREbox's chamber, insuring very high efficiency and uniformity of radiant energy for a more even cure and increased dimensional stability.
  • Wide compatibility - CUREbox supports virtually all of the photosensitive resins on the market
  • Laboratory grade build quality - The CUREbox enclosure is manufactured in New England, made from premium powder coated and silk screened 16 gauge steel. Fasteners are all 303 grade stainless steel, and the handle and hinges are CNC machined and powder coated 6061 grade aluminum, making the CUREbox fit for use in a clean room environment.

Download the CUREbox Data Sheet

CUREbox Specifications:

  • LED Wavelength = 365/405nm (mixed, simultaneous)
  • LED Output = 36Watts
  • Temperature Control = Off, 30 - 60 ℃
  • Timer Control = 5 Minutes - 12 Hours
  • Power Input = 110-120V50/60Hz
  • Chamber Size = 12x12x6.25in
  • Unit Size = 12x12x10.25in
  • Unit Weight = 22lbs
  • Shipping Size = 16x16x14in
  • Shipping Weight = 25lbs

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  • Is it possible to cure uv resin with this? Thank you.

    Yes - that is what this is designed for.

  • I need this product but with 405 nm exclusively, no 365, can that be done? If so, what power output would it be?

    You can achieve this with a 405nm-only lamp, which would be an add-on to the system we can get for you. The total radiant power is equal to the 365+405nm lamps, just that it's all 405nm energy.