ZMorph Multi-Tool 3D Printers

3D Printer Designed to Perform

Autocalibration available right from the touchscreen panel, completely revamped Voxelizer software and workflow switching system designed to transform your ZMorph VX from a 3D printer to a CNC router or a laser engraver in under a minute. 

ZMorph is beyond 3D printing--it's the multi-tool manufacturing solution for schools, offices, and homes.  While ZMorph is a top-quality multi-material 3D printer, it also has CNC routing, laser engraving, and thick paste extrusion fabrication modes--a mini-factory, right on your desktop!

View the ZMorph Application Catalog here.

Want to learn about ZMorph?
Welcome to the ZMorph Academy Online.

ZMorph has created an online teaching aid for customers and prospective customers. ZMorph Academy is a comprehensive, step-by-step online lecturing program designed for ZMorph users and people interested in multitool 3D printers. The academy consists of three courses Basics, Intermediate and Advanced, taking you from unboxing the ZMorph VX all the way to mastering advanced 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving.

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ZMorph Materials Library

The ZMorph Materials library is the most comprehensive materials usability and technical specification catalogue on the market today. It covers over 50 materials for the ZMorph VX 's FDM 3D printing, CNC, and Laser capabilities.

View or download the ZMorph Materials Library below.