Afinia H800+ 3D Printer & Matter and Form V2 3D Scanner Bundle Package

Afinia H800+ 3D Printer & Matter and Form V2 3D Scanner Bundle Package

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The Afinia H800+ and the Matter and Form MFS1V2 3D Scanner work together so well that offering them both in this bundle was a no-brainer.   Both are simple to set up and use, so you'll be scanning and 3D printing in no time.  Scan an object in as little as 65 seconds, export the .STL file, open it with Afina's software, and hit print.  It's that easy!

This 3D Scan and Print Bundle from Profound 3D includes:

  • Matter and Form MFS1V2 3D scanner
  • Afinia H800+ 3D Printer with accessory kit


 Afinia H800+ 3D Printer

Matter and Form MFS1V2 Scanner


Matter and Form V2 3D Scanner


  • Prints models up to 10" x 8" x 8" in dimension
  • Industry leading one year warranty
  • Unlimited lifetime phone support
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Power loss print recovery
  • Out of filament pause switch
  • Ability to customize nozzle and platform temperatures
  • Automated build plate leveling and nozzle height detection
  • 100 micron print resolution
  • Fully assembled for easy setup
  • Heated build platform
  • Fully enclosed for stable print temperatures and safer operation
  • Easy filament spool loading, one button filament color change
  • Quiet operation
  • Built in HEPA filter system removes microfine particles
  • Simple to install, user-friendly software that will automatically generate required support material
  • Includes tools to aid in the removal of support material
  • On-board memory - disconnect the computer after the print job is transferred to the printer
  • Compatible with Mac (OSX 10.10) and PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • Uses ABS and PLA filament
    • 3D scanning as easy as one click of a button
    • Scans objects in as little as 65 seconds with included MFStudio +Quickscan software
    • Large capacity, scans things up to 7" in diameter and 9.8" in height
    • Moving HD camera head with dual lasers
    • Watertight scans, accurate to within 0.1mm of the size and detail of the original object
    • Matter and Form Scan MFStudio +Quickscan software included (Windows 7+ 64 bit, Mac OS 10.11+ compatible)
    • Exports to STL, OBJ, PLY, and XYZ files for wide compatibility
    • Lightweight, compact design with integrated case for easy storage and portability
    • Uses eye-safe red lasers
    • Use 3D scans to:
      • Print on the Afinia H800+  (or any 3D printer)
      • Preserve and archive objects
      • Craft worlds in video games and animation
      • Digitize and share your creations online


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