3D Pen/Filament Bundle - Special Price - $39.99

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3D Pen/20-Color Filament Bundle $39.99

Special Price!

Available from only from Profound3D

This special promotional bundle includes:

    • 3D Printing Pen
    • Base for the 3d pen
    • Power adapter
    • Instructions
    • 1.75mm PLA filament, two colors, each 60g
      (Filaments are on the bottom of the box.)
  • IDRAWING 3D Pen 20-Color PLA Filament Pack
    • Each pack contains 20 vacuum sealed 1.75mm PLA filament packs
    • Colors include pink, blue, black, yellow, red, brown, android green, white, purple and others.
    • Each color comes in lengths of 4 meters each
    • High quality PLA filament, manufactured to very tight tolerances and a wide temperature range, making for smoother 3D printing, and fewer nozzle problems

Getting Started with your 3D Printing Pen.

Here's a simple introduction on how simple it is to get to printing with your 3D Printer Pen. Please note that Profound3D can't help with your own design ability. As this is a freehand printer, take your ability to draw into account! :)

  1. Plug the included USB power cable into the 3D Pen USB connection port (F) and then into a live power source.
  2. Press Power button (A) and look to ensure that a red led light (G) has turned on showing that the 3D Pen print head is heating.
  3. Select ABS or PLA mode (B). Be sure to always use high quality filament for best results.
  4. When the red led light turns blue, insert filament into the 3D Pen Filament Feed Port
  5. Use the Extruder Feed Control Setting (C) to select mode of extrusion control such as continuous or manual feed. short button press = continuous feed short 2nd press = pause feed long button press = manual feed
  6. Use the Extruder Feed Speed buttons (D) to adjust rate of feed speed.
  7. To change material during use, press and hold the Power button (A).
  8. Press the Power button (A) again to turn off the 3D Pen.

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