Raise3D N2 Dual-Extruder 3D Printer

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Product Highlights

  • Yes, they are in stock.
  • Dual extruder
  • Price includes free ground shipping
  • 12 x 12 x 12 inch build platform
  • Ships with V2 hot end assembly
  • Print resolution from 0.01mm - 0.25mm
  • Factory leveled build platform
  • Job resume feature in case of power loss
  • 7 inch touchscreen interface


At Profound3D.com, there is no additional shipping charge for Raise3D printers.  The Raise3D N2 ships via LTL freight service (curbside delivery).  The N2 is a large, heavy-duty machine (shipping weight is 138 lbs., shipping dimensions are 28.5 w x 28 d x 36.5 h), so please plan for delivery accordingly.

The Raise3D N2 brings together huge print capacity and filament flexibility.

With its 12x12x12 inch build volume you are entering a previously unheard of realm in the ever expanding world of 3D printing. It seems there are dozens of new 3D printers appearing weekly. What sets the RAISE3D apart, other than that its ENOURMOUS build volume for the money? What are the features that really matter to those that use 3D printers in a professional capacity? RAISE3D printers stand up to anything out there in printer build quality, 3D model output quality, repeatability, materials versatility and sheer volume.

3D print resolution to .01 mm? Dual extrusion? Vast variety of filament material compatibility? Resume feature in case of power loss? Enclosed build chamber to ensure trouble free 3D printing with all materials? Highly active user and RAISE3D company representative community to answer all your questions and to share 3D printing ideas and 3D printer tips? The RAISE3D printer family has all this and more. It never stops exceeding even the highest expectations and meeting the highest demands in a 3D printer. The precision repeatable 3D model output makes RAISE3D the printer to beat, and it will be along time before a serious challenge to this printer appears.

Complete product feature list:

  • Available in both dual and single extruder options.
  • Super high quality print - 0.01mm - 0.25mm
  • Gigantic build volume, up to 12x12x12 in.
  • A rigid aluminum frame - 24.3 x 23.2 x 29.9 in.
  • Easy to use interface in a 7" touchscreen
  • Freescale imx6, Quad core 1Ghz ARM processor
  • An all-metal hot end that supports up to 300℃
  • More than 10 types of approved filament
  • Wifi and Ethernet remote print control
  • Fully functional job restarting after a power stoppage.
  • 16 expansion ports allow customization with digital and analog I/O
  • Easy filament loading with viewable path to the hot end
  • Clear and removable outer printer casing
  • Pre-aligned, heated print platform that doesn't require leveling.
  • Dual ball-screw Z-axis 

Feature details:


  • Touchscreen interface to manage your jobs and art files.
  • When you slice your print job in Print jobs in our ideaMaker software, you get a visual preview of your print.
  • See your print jobs on onboard memory, USB drive or flash drive.

Visual Progress Indication

  • The completed section of the print is highlighted on the preview image to show the progress of your job.
  • Job statistics, including printing time, are displayed along with the job preview.

Recovery After Power Interruption

  • The Lithium batteries save your current job when there is a loss of power.
  • Upon restart, the print job restarts right where you left off at the loss of power.
  • When there is a loss of power, the on-board controller takes the N2 through a normal power off process.
  • During the shut down, your current job is setup for easy restart.
  • A perfect solution for 3D Printing in locations with unreliable power.

Wi-Fi/Ethernet File Uploading & Control

  • Avoid the swapping of SD cards or USB thumb drives by working with the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection on the N2. 
  • Use the network connection to send print jobs to your printer, just as you would an office paper printer.
  • Built in software allows for groups to manage the RaiseN2
  • Using "ideaMaker" software, you can easily submit and control jobs from your local desktop.
  • ideaMaker's discover feature finds and connects to Raise N2 or N2Plus printers on your network.

Slicer Software

While Raise N Series 3D printers work with standard G-code for 3D printing, so you can use your own slicing software, ideaMaker is designed to work with print files large enough to use the full print capacity of the N2 or N2 Plus, so it won't fight to finish your job prep, or crash.  Raise's ideaMaker slicer software features a 64-bit multi-threading slicer engine, that handles all your print jobs with ease.

The ideaMaker software is loaded with features, including the ability to automatically repair broken meshes, split large models into smaller chunks, and remote control the N-Series printers.

IdeaMaker features a normal setting that will give you excellent prints. But, for those more savvy printers, you can control the deep details of your print, with this adjustable software.


Customer Reviews

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Expectations were met

Shipping was in time. Product is excellent!!


Raise3D N2 Dual-Extruder 3D Printer

Raise3D N2 Dual-Extruder 3D Printer

Really disappointed with the folks at Raise 3D. The front door on the printer is warped and will not close flat and they refer us to Profound who is just the seller. Now Profound says that Raise will not replace the door because its just "cosmetic"? This is a $3000 dollar printer! So much for customer service and pride in the products you produce.

Profound3D the Raised3D experts

Wow, our experience with Profound3D during our purchase of the Raised3D N2 was nothing short of fantastic. We connected with a staff member who was there to answer all our questions. We discussed alternatives and how the Raised3D platform would best fit our need. We had some special shipping needs and they arranged the correct delivery service that addressed our urban location. They look like a good source for parts and supplies so we are going to use them as our go-to shop. We were looking for a company that had a knowledgeable staff that can answer our questions and be a go-to resource for 3D printing. It was great to have someone on the other end of a 3k purchase helping you.

110% Satisfied!

Of Profound3D: I took a chance purchasing from a company I never shopped before. But I couldn't be happier! The day following my purchase I got a very friendly call from Jeff, who is also tech support, to arrange shipment. Free shipping included lift-gate service which I needed, but when UPS Freight called me, I scheduled to pick the printer up at the dock rather then waiting at home for it to arrive - and that went smoothly.

In conversation with Jeff I asked about nozzles, then purchased 4 additional nozzles from the Profound3D website to include in my shipment. It charged shipping for the nozzles but that amount was refunded automatically a day later. AND I got 5% off the printer and the nozzles!

Of Raise3D N2: I had researched 3D printers for months so I knew what I wanted by the time I purchased. The printer arrived in perfect condition in a very well packed box/crate. The bed was close to leveled when I got it - certainly close enough for an example print (after adjusting the height). But I will need to level the bed (some effort) and align the second extruder before long. I didn't find a test model to print on their flash drive, so I printed one of my models (roughly 3 x 3 x 3 inches) which came our perfectly the very first try using their vacuum-packed PLA filament. The print quality was a big step up from my previous printers commensurate with this prosumer grade printer. The instructions were brief but clear. I was able to follow them to achieve the aforementioned success.

I purchased $300+ of various kinds of printer filament through Amazon to try, but it hasn't arrived yet so no review about that here, or the nozzles, sorry.